6000 Barnard Mill Rd Ringwood, IL 60072 PH: 815-653-5511


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The History of Ringwood Illinois

In 1837 Families arrived from Vermont, to settle in this beautiful spot surrounded by a ring of woods, hence the name Ringwood. Incorporating in 1994, Ringwood's board has established Ringwood's legal & financial foundation. Ringwood is diverse for a small town. It has historic structures, single-family homes, apartments, subdivisions, farms, businesses such as Dowe/Rohm Haas, Huntsman, and institutions such as the Ringwood United Methodist Church and the Ringwood Primary Center.

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Ringwood Post Office est. 1845

The Ringwood post office was established in 1845 to provide post office boxes for local industrial firms and residents located on the far northern edge of McHenry. The sturdy brick building is located at 5016 Barnard Mill Rd, Ringwood, IL 60072, (815) 653-9047. Ringwood Post Office Hours are M-F 7:30AM–4:30PM, SAT 9-Noon. Closed Sundays. Our friendly Ringwood Postmaster is Susan Keener. As of the census in 2010, there were 836 people living in Ringwood Illinois.


Parking Ordinance Reminder

At all times of the year, parking is prohibited on all Village of Ringwood roads, except Barnard Mill Road near the post office (2 hour limit). After a snow of two inches or more, parking is not permitted in the spaces along Barnard Mill Road near the post office until after the road has been plowed shoulder to shoulder. This parking prohibition is in effect 24 hours a day.

No Parking during Snow Fall

If a 2-inch or greater snowfall occurs and your vehicle is parked along the road, you must move it or have it moved immediately so plows can get through. By doing so, you will avoid being ticketed and towed. In that scenario, an individual would not only have to pay the ticket, but the towing charge as well. Your compliance with our Parking Ordinance is appreciated.

Building Inspector

For Building permits issues or zoning enforcement issues, HR Green - Building Inspection & Zoning Enforcement. Office Hours: Every Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. or by appointment. Contact: Tina Williams 815-759-8344.