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Building & Code

HR Green is the Village Building & Zoning partner

The Village has contracted with HR Green, Inc., to oversee our Building & Zoning functions. For more than 10 years, the Governmental Services and Transportation teams of HR Green have partnered with the Village of Ringwood to improve our planning and infrastructure. Adding this new service reinforces our combined vision of a strong future for Ringwood.

“We are excited to add this service to our long-term relationship with the Village,” said Tim Hartnett, Principal/Vice President of HR Green. “Whenever the HR Green team meets with members of your community, it is easy to recognize the strong pride of place shown by Ringwood residents and business owners. Your building and zoning standards are simple to comply with, yet will help you maintain public safety and property values. The end goal is to ensure that the Village of Ringwood continues to be a great place to live, work and visit.”

Tina Williams of HR Green is the Village of Ringwood Building Inspection & Zoning Enforcement contact. She is available daily by appointment, with additional Village office hours every Wednesday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. You can contact her at 815.759.8344.

Mike Puplava, Senior Building Inspector with HR Green, will be providing building and code plan reviews and inspections. HR Green has a full staff of building and code professionals to assist the Village, as needed.

Building & Zoning – What it means for Ringwood

Village codes can be viewed as a simple tool for keeping Ringwood safe and welcoming. When it comes to compliance with Village codes, HR Green believes strongly in communication and collaboration. The first step is to make sure that everyone understands what is expected of them.

If a property is not meeting codes, HR Green will help to educate the individual about the codes. Often, that is all that is required to encourage compliance. The HR Green staff will then return to the property to review progress and develop an achievable plan of action, if required.

When we all maintain our properties we are contributing to the health, safety and welfare of the community.

Below are some guidelines.

Common property maintenance violations:

Be a good neighbor & community member:

  • Keeping your property clear of junk, trash and debris.
  • Using trash containers with tight fitting lids and placing trash containers behind the building line, not in view of a public street.
  • Putting out trash after 6:00 PM the evening before pickup and removing containers soon after pickup.
  • Maintaining your lawn under a height of eight (8) inches.
  • Keeping motor vehicles in operational condition and properly licensed by the State of Illinois.
  • Being considerate of neighbors by keeping noise levels at reasonable levels.
  • Trimming tree branches and shrubbery so they do not obstruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
  • Making sure not to push or move snow, leaves, landscape or other waste from any private property onto the public right-of-way.
  • Cleaning up after your dog, ensuring they stay in your yard and keeping them leashed when you take them off your property.

When and how to obtain a Building Permit:

Permits are required for any structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing work and tree removal. Permits allow for the enforcement of codes as adopted by state, county and local laws and ordinances. Codes are designed to reduce the potential hazards of unsafe construction and provide minimum standards that help to ensure the public health, safety and welfare.

Please call 815-759-8344 to verify if your project requires a permit.


Building and Code Regulations

Village of Ringwood Zoning Ordinance

Village of Ringwood Subdivision Ordinance